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Tyler Transit (City of Tyler)

Contact: Leroy Sparrow
Company Address 210 E Oakwood St. Tyler TX 75702 Phone: (903) 533-8057 Website: Tyler Transit
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When boarding Tyler Transit, place your money into the farebox or show the driver your pass. For the safety of everyone aboard, operators do not carry change; therefore cash fares require exact change.

  • Adult 12 and older: $1.00
  • Children age 6 to 11: $0.50
  • Children age 5 and under: Free
  • Medicare, Seniors (65 and older) and Persons with Disabilities*: $0.50

All fares are on per bus basis.

Tyler Transit offers customers the option to purchase tickets and passes at the Tyler Transit office. The Tyler Transit office is located at 210 E. Oakwood St. Tickets have no expiration date and can be used at any time for any trip. The use of tickets and passes alleviates the need for exact change.

  • Regular Tickets: $1.00
  • Half Fare* / Child Tickets: $0.50

Passenger bus passes start the day that the pass is first used and can be used for unlimited rides for the duration of the pass. The current price for passes are as follows:

  • Regular 30 Day Pass: $40.00
  • Half Fare* 30 Day Pass: $20.00
  • Student 30 Day Pass: $20.00
  • Student Semester Pass: $50.00
  • Regular 7 Day Pass: $10.00
  • Half Fare* 7 Day Pass: $5.00
  • Student 7 Day Pass: $5.00
  • All Day Pass: $2.00

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Tyler Transit at (903) 533-8057.

*Half Fare prices are for individuals that are Medicare recipients, Seniors (65 and older) and for Persons with Disabilities. To take advantage of the Half Fare price you must bring documentation to our office and purchase a Tyler Transit Half Fare ID card ($2.00) to show to the driver every time you board the bus.

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