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McAllen Metro

Contact: Mario Delgado
Company Address 1501 W. Highway 83, Suite 110 McAllen TX 78501 Phone: (956) 681-3510 Website: McAllen Metro
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Public Bus System in McAllen

Steps to Ride the Metro


Planning your trip with Metro is quick and easy! Call the Metro McAllen line at 956.681.3510 and a customer service representative will help you find the best route to your destination.


System Maps are available please visit Central Station Chamber of Commerce, City Hall, Community Centers. We can also send them to you via mail or e-mail or may also download them.


Go to Your Bus Stop
Be at your bust stop a few minutes before your bus is due to arrive. Before boarding the bus, double check the route number on the bus located on the top of the window.


Have your fare ready
Exact cash or change or a Metro pass are acceptable fares. The base single-ride fare for trips is $1.00. Transfers are free when used within the same hour; please call our customer service for further information.


Get on the Bus
Allow other passengers to get off before boarding. Board through the front door of the bus. Riding the bus is easy; just follow these simple rules. Sit anywhere you like however keep in mind that the front seats are reserved for seniors and people with disabilities. You may carry strollers, carts, and other small items; just make sure they don’t block the aisle.


Deposit your fare
If you do not have a Metro McAllen pass, you must insert the exact fare into the farebox as you board. Fareboxes accept up to $1.00 bills and/or coins, including up to $10.00 bills.


Get off at your stop
About one block from your stop; pull one of the strings (next to the windows on the buses). This signals the operator that you want to get off at the next stop. Exit through the back doors operator will open the door. Easy. Oh, and don’t forget your stuff!

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