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HBSS Qryde

Contact: Manish Khera
Phone: 978-379-0010 Website: HBSS Qryde
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For over 20 years, HBSS has developed and provided software for diverse transportation organizations, including statewide agencies funded by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), transportation brokerages, regional transit authorities, and private as well as nonprofit providers.  HBSS resolves the unique challenges that differing demographics pose for the transportation industry, and excels at responding to these differences with efficient, customized solutions.

HBSS has pioneered Brokered Transportation Technology which powers large call centers across the country for managing coordinated transportation across different government departments such as Center for Medicaid Services (CMS), Department of Developmentally Disabled, Special Education, Early Intervention, Council on Aging Services, Adult Day Health Transportation and more recently Veterans Transportation. The technology created, offers novel concepts and methods by which several states are saving millions of dollars in transportation costs.

HBSS in partnership with MART have designed MOVET – a state wide Veterans Transportation Coordination system, under a grant from FTA, covering over 350 Veterans Services offices across the states as well as dozens of VA facilities.

Our Mission

To provide technology to communities and a network of providers, so that the members get low cost rides to their destinations.

Our Vision

To enable communities to improve their economic well-being by better managing the transportation needs of its members for education, employment and healthcare.

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