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Brownsville Metro

Contact: Joel Garza
Company Address 755 International Blvd Brownsville TX 78520 Home Phone: 956-548-6050 Website: Brownsville Metro
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Our Mission

We aspire to connect communities by providing safe, innovative, reliable, and convenient multimodal transportation to advance the quality of life for all people.

Our History
The City of Brownsville has enjoyed a strong local tradition of public transportation for more than a century. From the early days of horse drawn wagons to the electric street cars of the Brownsville Street and Interurban Railway, to the privately owned and fiercely competitive bus routes of the Brownsville Transportation and Victoria Transportation companies to the publicly operated heavy duty fixed-route buses of today, it’s been an essential thread in our urban fabric.

Brownsville Transportation Company
In 1979 the City of Brownsville acquired the Brownsville Transportation Company, the last privately owned urban public transit system in the state. The City created a new operating department named Brownsville Urban System (BUS), and began operating the bus system.

Our Current System
Today the City’s bus system, now known as Brownsville Metro, carries more than 1.8 million passengers per year and is a vital part of our local economy and the quality of life for our citizens. Bus service is provided through a network of 15 “fixed” bus routes.

Brownsville Metro also operates a service called ADA Paratransit, for people with disabilities who are not able to ride the fixed bus routes. ADA Paratransit is a specialized, shared ride, origin-to-destination transportation service. To find out more, visit our ADA Paratransit page.

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