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Contact: Trisha Nolen
Company Address 4031 NE 12th Terrace Oakland Park FL 33334 Phone: 954-986-6665 Website: Q’Straint
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Have you ever noticed that a properly secured wheelchair forms a perfect ‘Q’ ?

There’s a good reason for that. Because the ‘Q’ is wheelchair securement.
And Q’STRAINT is the company that started it all.

The first time a Q’STRAINT system was used to secure a wheelchair user in a vehicle was the very first time that user met the same standards as other passengers.

Until that point, no one thought beyond simply strapping down the chair, treating riders like cargo. No one thought about the safety of wheelchair passengers. No one thought about saving lives. That is, not until groundbreaking wheelchair safety technology was developed by Q’STRAINT. Today that technology is used every day the world over and has become the gold standard in wheelchair securement.

But technology alone is never enough. Our mission of Making Safety Accessible drives us to continually improve. And our promise of Thinking Beyond Safety is how we make that happen.

Q’STRAINT continues to be at the forefront of defining and establishing securement regulations worldwide; and to work with global standards groups to ensure that safety becomes accessible for wheelchair passengers in every country — guaranteeing the highest levels of safety for all.



We believe all mobility passengers deserve access to the same level of safety as those around them. Through research and development, engineering and support, to providing innovative solutions, we are Making Safety Accessible.
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