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Fortress Mobile

Contact: Troy Snyder
Company Address 3801 Rose Lake Dr. Charlotte NC 28217 Home Phone: 704-405-5000 Website: Fortress Mobile
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Fortress Systems International, Inc., dba: Fortress Mobile is a licensed North Carolina corporation headquartered in Charlotte since 1991. Fortress Mobile is a leading provider of surveillance & fleet management solutions. Fortress Mobile has a strong history of working with Fortune 500 companies, small entrepreneurs, educational institutions, and local and state government agencies.

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Our Mission: To provide our customer the safest, the most secure, efficient & convenient products and service with the lowest price

Our System Solution: Designed as an ALL-IN-ONE solution platform that can provide customers with HD camera surveillance, safety management, driver monitoring, GPS tracking, real-time remote video streaming, wireless auto downloading, stop-arm violation detection, vehicle auto-maintenance & diagnostics, and remote configurations

Our clients include: Wells Fargo Bank, Facebook, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Rhode Island Public Transportation Authority, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, San Francisco International Airport, and hundreds of school systems throughout the country.

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